Tengger are a self described “electronic/psychedelic drone duo of musical travellers”. Itta, one half, is a Korean New Wave avant garde musician/vocalist, who also plays toy instruments and Indian Harmonium. Marqido, dubs himself “…Japanese noise creator and music producer who plays analogue synthesizer”. Formed in Korea in 2005, they are keen environmentalists and draw organic inspiration from anywhere they might be. They have toured Asia, Europe, and the USA extensively, which might help account for their wonderfully multifaceted sound.

Onstage, they seem to work together, but in different ways. It balances the performance beautifully, the quiet, fevered intensity of Marqido, opposite him the impassioned vocals and swaying of Itta.
The creativity of their work comes through in other media. The official video for Hallgrimskirkja <https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cdN3s-0cFb8> is almost like a Bergman short. A series of stark images overlaid with a haunting refrain, becomes fragmented, the queer dissonance echoing aural entropy, into which you fall without question. The pace resumes, the purity of the vocals carries you through. Then the end which seems almost purposefully and powerfully ambiguous.
The live performances look utterly spellbinding, often set against a projected backdrop of images of nature. You can’t not watch, you can’t not listen and be drawn into their brilliance, the looping sounds breaking like waves. Come to Bootleg Social on Sunday 10th April and be awestruck by this masterful twosome.