Tse Tse Fly – Night

Emanating from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Tse Tse Fly Middle East is the region’s first ever sound art and experiments-in-noise platform. Tse Tse Fly provides support for Middle Eastern sound artists and experimental musicians, and is intent on connecting and spreading the word about regional sound art and noise experiments worldwide. Tse Tse Fly also has a core collective of sound artists and experimental musicians that perform in the live environment, all of whom have roots in the Middle East. Members include Saudi artist Ghada Da, Lebanese artist Nour Sokhon and Cairo-born Karim Sultan. Tse Tse Fly was founded by Simon Coates, an English artist living and working in Dubai.

As part of the platform Tse Tse Fly hosts regular chaotic club nights in Dubai, showcasing curated selections of sound art and noise alongside live performances from sound artists and experimental musicians with sets of experimental music played by the Tse Tse Fly Sound {Art} System. The format subverts the cliched club night formula, replacing traditionally-associated music and visuals with sound art, experimental noise and attendant complimentary video art.