Sound Book Project

‘Sound Book Project’ is a group of collaborating artists and musicians using books as instruments.

Interacting with books in a new and surprising way, suddenly the books will trigger sound by the turn of a page. The books speak for themselves.  The books will be wound, sprung, strummed, slapped and thrown and a soundscape will evolve around the performers.

The tactile nature of the book creates a sensual response that far surpasses reactions to the digital equivalents.  It is emotional and aesthetic. Triggering memory and emotion…

Crack the spine

Strum the pages

Play the fragments of memories.

Amy Sterly and Thom Snell are two artists who live in the borders of Wales and England, each approaching their work with the idea of the rural, but with very different outcomes. Sterly is a printmaker and sculptor, while Snell is a video artist and musician. They are working together to exchange ideas and skills to create something new to both of them.

Max Simpson and Sam Owen are musicians and performers who have worked in the band Pram and perform as Two Dogs with new experimental work using image and sound.

Ant Dickinson is a musician, sound designer and creative technologist based in North Wales.  He uses unconventional instrumentation combined with digital practices integrating elements of improvisation, indeterminism and mechanics.

Scott Davies is a drummer and percussionist who experiments with unusual objects to create rhythms and sound.