From Pitchley Town – Number 1 DaDa Rockabilly band

The Bongoleeroes would probably been described by my dear old nan as a “Frightful racket”. Or a “howling din”, if she was showing off. But I still think she’d have enjoyed the sheer playful exuberance of three grown masked men, one brandishing a trumpet, one bashing a tambourine on a drum and the other clashing two empty tins together, while lustily yelling lyrics.

It’s odd, because you’d think you’d tire of it quickly, it’s like an explosion in a bin-lid factory. But there’s something almost primal awakened with the rhythmic cacophony, and it just makes you want to grab something and join in with the clangour.
I may not be doing it justice here, but I think this video of them playing a children’s birthday party will. You’ve never seen such joyful pandemonium, such a jubilant ruckus. And you never will again, unless you come along to Bootleg Social on Saturday 9th April. There are going to be very loud noises