Elizabeth Preston

We have for your delectation the divine stylings of Elizabeth Preston. Originally from Blackpool, she’s now a Manchester-based artist who plays cello and uses a loop sampler and her own vocals, as well as a small maraca and some claps for percussion. 

She began to play the cello at nine years old and four years ago, discovered the loop pedal and was hooked. Her performances are quite something, the low, sonorous sobbing of the cello, gorgeously accompanied by the throaty delicacy of her voice.
Comparisons to the (almost incomparable) Kate Bush have been made, and they aren’t incorrect, as long as you add a dash of PJ Harvey. She can play a jaunty, defiant, pacey song, just before a haunting ballad. Her lyrics are just as captivating as her dulcet tones. She wrests the most mellifluous sounds from her instrument, proving that she’s far more than the ‘general music dabbler’ that her Facebook page proclaims her to be.
She’ll be gracing us with her musical presence on Friday 8th April, at Bootleg Social. You should definitely come and bask in the wonder of her lyricism.